Service Agreements

The benefits of becoming an HVAC Service Agreement Customer include:

Having an RTH Mechanical Service Agreement helps protect your business from expensive and unexpected repairs.
Regular inspections allow our technician to spot problems and fix them before a major issue develops.
Our Preventative Service Agreement Program ensures longer equipment life and the ability to maintain budgets.

The benefits far outweigh the costs.

Some of the benefits of being an HVAC Service Agreement customer include:

1) Scheduled Inspections
As each heating and cooling season approaches, many HVAC Contractors become very busy with cleanings and inspections. If you’re part of our maintenance agreement, you’ll receive inspections before schedules start filling up, so you can be sure your units are ready in time for each season.
2) Priority Services
If your unit breaks down and you’re in need of a quick repair, you’ll get priority “same day” 24/7 service over customers who are not part of the maintenance agreement.
3) Documentation of Maintenance
It’s very important to have documentation for each time you have maintenance performed on your units. This will allow you to keep valid warranties and provide proof of the condition of your HVAC equipment.
4) Prolonged Life of Units
If you take care of your units by taking advantage of a maintenance agreement, you could extend the life of your equipment. Many studies have shown that properly maintained equipment, working at peak performance, will show significant energy savings over time.
5) Discounted Prices
As a Service Agreement Customer, you will also benefit from reduced hourly labor rates as well as discounted material costs.

Service Agreement Schedule

Service agreement customers receive priority “same day” service, discounted pricing, and more!

Spring Inspection

(Rooftop units, Chillers, Split Systems, DX Coils)

>View Spring Service Agreement Schedule

Fall Inspection

(Rooftops, Split Systems, Gas Fired Devices)

>View Fall Service Agreement Schedule

Summer/Winter Filters
  • Disposable pleated air filters are provided 4 x per year
  • Belts checked for tension and alignment and adjusted as needed
  • Condensate traps cleaned
  • Visual inspection performed to ensure proper operation

Become a service agreement customer today!

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